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Underpinning & Basement Lowering

Underpinning is the process of extending or stabilizing an existing foundation, usually done to strengthen the structure or increase the ceiling height in a basement. Lowering a basement floor is a complicated, laborious job but well worth the effort and expense when it comes to adding comfort and value to any house. A deeper foundation means more headroom and overall area in a basement which is an essential quality of a great, livable space.

Call in the Professionals

Basement underpinning requires architectural drawings that have been engineer approved, a building permit from the City of Toronto, and then the tools, skills and knowledge of an underpinning professional. This is definitely not a do-it-yourself job! Underpinning is a major structural undertaking that, if not done properly, could ruin the integrity of your foundation and even lead to a collapse of your house.

At Cornerstone Waterproofing Inc., we are underpinning professionals. We take care of your underpinning job properly and professionally from sourcing engineers to helping with permits and rebate applications to coordinating City of Toronto building inspections. We secure the existing foundation, remove the old concrete floor and plumbing, dig and dispose of the soil, reinstall drains, pipes, and an interior weeping tile system, re-pour gravel and then install a new concrete floor.

The Anatomy of the Underpin via http://brettfeeley.com/


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