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Leaky, wet basements are a common concern for many homeowners. Over time, water will make its way into a house’s foundation through cracks and crevices, usually causing a lot of damage along the way.  While this mostly occurs in older homes, newer houses are also at risk, mainly due to modern building practices and materials being used. Whatever the situation, if water has found its way into your basement, call a professional to assess, diagnose and fix the damage.

Foundation damage eventually extends upwards, affecting your entire structure. Some problems a wet foundation can cause include:

  • Plumbing and gas line damage
  • Damage to insulation and interior walls
  • Cracked or sloping floors
  • Cracks in walls and ceilings
  • Poorly fitting cabinets and moldings
  • Sticking doors and windows
  • Devaluation of your home

Do You Have a Wet Basement?

Many basements are damp, however when water and moisture are an ongoing problem, deterioration of the structure occurs. And usually when you can see the effects, like mold and crumbling concrete, foundation damage has already begun.

Most Obvious Signs of Water Damage:

  • Mold and mildew
  • Damp carpets
  • Cracks in floors and walls

Some of the Less Obvious Signs of Water Damage:

  • Powdery or crumbling concrete or mortar
  • Uneven floor joists and beams
  • Warped walls
  • Rust on metal columns
  • Decaying wood

If water is sabotaging your basement, contact us for expert advice, professional service, and the assurance of a safe foundation.

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